our day school program

The Chase’s Place Difference:

Through our Day School program, Chase’s Place strives to balance the teaching of daily living skills with the teaching of functional academic skills and fine and gross motor skills. We accomplish this by focusing on individual assistance as well as supporting increased student independence to the greatest extent possible.

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) is developed with each family, following an evaluation of present needs and long-term goals. The IEP is reviewed and revised annually to re-evaluate the goals and objectives that should be pursued to further the students development.

Along with teaching, Chase’s Place integrates therapeutic services into each regular school day. A therapist provides direct services to our students and consults weekly with teachers to incorporate the student’s specific goals into their daily routines. Our services include: Speech, Occupational, Physical and Recreational Therapy.

Day School hours are 8:15am – 3:00pm.

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    Functional Academic Skills

    Traditional academic skills are taught based on practical usage: survival signs, reading, basic math computations, time, money, and measurement.

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    Motor Skills

    Both fine and gross motor development are addressed.

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    Verbal and non-verbal communication is taught to develop overall communication skills. Use of voice, signs, gestures, facial expressions, and body language are encouraged. Augmented communication is addressed as needed.

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    Social Skills

    Social stories and experiential instruction in personal space, eye contact, greetings, and manners help develop social skills.

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    Self Care

    Grooming, toileting, feeding, health, and hygiene are all practiced and reinforced regularly.

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    Home and Living Skills

    Cooking, general housekeeping, and maintenance are taught within the context of taking care of ourselves, our school, our home, and our community.

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    Leisure Skills

    Teachers and staff encourage students to explore hobbies and leisure skills including computer, gardening, sports, etc.

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    Basic good citizenship and decorum is the foundation of our program. Individual behavioral plans are developed on an as needed basis.